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We offer content for the 65 million sports fans and bettors who come to our sites to satisfy their demands for information and entertainment. Our team is ready to support your business pitch by utilizing effective marketing strategies and focusing strongly on definite results. We will help you to reach your customers by using cleverly targeted advertising through our sports-oriented network of websites.

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Product lines

Sport Live Scores

The flagship of our product portfolio consists of websites offering scores, which are unique throughout the world thanks to the huge range, speed and quality of the sporting news they provide. The number of visitors and loyal users has long made the FlashScore project, with its global website and dozens of other locales, a European leader.

Other media

The portfolio of sites managed by us have one thing in common, and that is sports. The specific focus of individual projects and their user groups are, however, very colorful. While the section SPORT LIVE SCORES offers you purely scores, OTHER MEDIA contains editorial sites specializing on specific sports, websites focusing on fixed-odds betting, and sports analytical sites. You will find here more structured, specialized and consistent target groups.