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Europe is no doubt still our priority market in the world of sports results unambiguously captured thanks to unrivaled fast and extensive coverage. Nevertheless we offer the same quality services on a number of non-European websites.

Advertisers can address the customers in football-obsessed Latin America thanks to Portugese and Spanish versions of our live scores website Almost immediately after its launch, became very popular and its traffic is skyrocketing – more than a 50% increase in the last year.

Another interesting and very football-friendly region is Africa where we run another very successful project, Most of the users of this website come from countries like RSA, Kenya or Nigeria. The number of unique visitors has increased by 150% during the last year.

Great perspective and huge business potential – that is the densely populated Asian continent where we run a number of websites and a couple of other ones are just about to be launched. had an 80% growth in the last year and aimed at one of the region’s most popular sports has grown overwhelmingly by 120%.

Typically, for all our sports results websites is consideration of all local specifics. On the­.au – our Australian website – homepage you won’t find football or tennis results but rugby, AFL or Cricket instead. The number of unique visitors in Australia has increased by more than 80% during the last year.

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