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Other Media

Our portfolio of websites offers a wide range of possibilities for finding the optimal communication mix. The maximum reach to a wide target audience, which our scores sites offer, can be refined to include communications with targeted groups, which are more profiled and still more structured thanks to the special content. Namely the advertising on our websites from the section Other Media. Examples of purely editorial sites focused on the most popular sports are TennisExplorer.com or EuroFotbal.cz. OddsPortal.com and BetExplorer.com are global representatives of projects aimed at fixed-odds betting.

Key Facts:

  • Unique projects
  • Attractive target groups
  • Perfect campaign results
  • Global and local targeting

Representatives of Other Media


Cooperation Opportunities

We know everything about sports. Our websites are sports and this focus naturally defines our users. The visitors to our websites are sports fans, primarily men. Guys who drink beer, like to dress well, play computer games, go for drives, bet on sports, love technological toys, use a variety of banking products – simply an attractive group of consumers who it pays to focus your communications on.

In the Other Media section, our business partners will find some truly unique projects. We have many years of experience with advertising campaigns on these types of websites, we will answer all your questions, and advise you on how best to set up your campaign. You can expect a completely personal approach and the perfect service of a partner who will experience your commercial success with you.

Features & Benefits

  • We promote the brand of betting companies and arrange an exclusive presentation, including a comparison of odds on our websites dedicated to odds betting.
  • We connect clients with links to specific sports to customers with the same interest.
  • As part of the projects grouped under the tab Other Media, we offer not only traditional advertising opportunities but also the chance for deeper interaction between our business partner and a specific website, for example, through maximum exposure in PR articles.
  • Many of our visitors have a premium personal relationship to the websites we operate, based on years of positive experience. We will convert the high value of the brands of our projects into your commercial success.