1 Sept 2020

South America just got a fresh look!

As many of our South American users know, their main website to check the latest scores and updates on sports of interest has been MisMarcadores.com for quite some time. As it has everything translated into languages that our Latin American users need, which for the most part is Spanish. The fact that we only had one website for a region so extensive as South America was something here at Livesport Media we had been meaning to change and finally we’ve managed to do just that!


We would like to officially announce that we are giving this emerging market the attention it fully deserves by creating localized websites using the FlashScore brand. This is being done in an attempt to further strengthen our position in the region which has been growing over the last few years. Therefore, the decision to move towards localizing websites to cater for carefully selected South American countries was a no brainer seeing as our existing traffic merits such a change.


Argentina (FlashScore.com.ar), Colombia (FlashScore.co), Chile (FlashScore.cl), Mexico (FlashScore.com.mx), Peru (FlashScore.pe) and Venezuela (FlashScore.com.ve) are all getting their own website and apps and this provides a platform for your business to better target the audience in these promising markets. Above all else, the point of this localization is to fit each GEO’s needs and particularities, thus we intend to adapt the product around the GEO and not the other way round as our users’ comfort and happiness are our priorities.


And where will the Spanish users of MisMarcadores find their new home you may ask? You guessed it – FlashScore.es.


To wrap things up a famous phrase is fitting for the occasion ‚out with the old, in with the new‘. Expect more exciting updates from us in the coming months!


In the meantime, contact our professional Sales Team to start your targeted advertising to your South American audience now.