1 Sept 2019

FlashScore is now fully adapted to Mobile Age

After many months of hard work, all the FlashScore network websites are now responsive.

Despite the number of downloads of FlashScore apps continuing to increase all around the world, the continuous optimization of our website still plays an important role for the many millions of users that visit our websites each month via mobile or tablet browsers.


The number of mobile users is expected to keep increasing worldwide, and across many different industries. In fact, the number of users that access Livesport Media web pages through their mobile is already higher than the number of users that visit us through any other source. A responsive website is one that responds/adapts to look good at any size — from a large desktop LCD monitor to the smaller screen of a smartphone – the responsive design ensures that users will have the best experience regardless of the device used to visit the site.


Below are listed some of the advantages of a Responsive design:

– No need to download the app; users can just use the same platform, just from different devices;

– User friendly layout that leads to a better experience and higher conversion rate though improved user experience;

– Same info and content of the website available through all devices;

– Improved SEO;

– Reduced page loading time;


The responsive design of Livesport Media websites started with FlashScore, but won’t stop here. 2020 will be a year with more updates and optimized features in favour of the best experience for our users. The best is our service, the best will be your audience.


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