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We are a leading digital media agency operating a TOP network of sports-oriented websites.

About Livesport Media Ltd

Livesport Media Ltd is an internet media company headquartered in San Gwann, Malta. We operate a network of 70+ websites that target a number of local markets, mainly located over Europe. Our news portals, live score services, statistical and other sports-related websites help visitors and sporting supporters find accurate information and entertainment, which often leads to them becoming loyal followers of our sites.

Our Top Media

  • FlashScore.com
  • OddsPortal.com
  • Livescore.in
  • BetExplorer

Our mission is to provide sports fans with what we've always been missing while searching the internet – fast, accurate and easy-to-use sporting information, precisely designed to meet their needs. We serve up to 65 million unique visitors from around the world every month. Livesport Media is one of Europe's leading sports media companies, offering advertisers up to 1.5 billion page views monthly to be utilized with a wide range of advertising formats.

Livesport Media Ltd ( LSM ) was founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of Livesport s.r.o., from the Czech Republic, to take over website operations and sales activities from its parent company. Our network of sports media websites are exclusively empowered by Livesport's techno­logy solutions that have been developed since 2006. LSM products are thus based on in-house long-term industry-leading expertise which has been earning international acclaim for product quality and speed of business growth for years.

We at Livesport Media are dedicated to providing our users with highly competitive sports content, and our corporate clients (see their references) with creative advertising solutions helping them achieve their business goals. Send us a message for more details.